3 Must-Have iPad Accessories

Date: March 7, 2014 | Category: Accessories


If you have just bought a new iPad or its smaller sibling the iPad mini you probably already have your eye on some accessories to compliment your new tablet. It could be something productive or perhaps something fun like a Pac Man joystick for that true retro experience. But to really get the most of your iPad you need the following 3 accessories:


The first thing that you will want to buy is a case to protect your new investment. There are so many cases around that you will find it hard to decide which one to chose.

If you are looking at Apple’s line of officially accessories there are two options, the smart cover and the smart case. The latter has the added protection covering the rear of the iPad, the smart cover merely controls the screen. They have magnets to the automatically lock and iPad screen and put it into sleep mode. Some cases also act as a stand which is ideal for watching movies on the iPad. Some cases put the device into the correct angle for typing using the on screen keyboard.

There are of course many different designs and those that offer different levels of protection. One such case that’s very durable is the Defender series from Otter Box that turns the iPad into an industrial strength tablet computer. Although these type of cases really do add additional weight that you will notice when you try reading a book for the first time using one hand.


It can be a fiddly experience using the onscreen keyboard, certainly if you do a lot typing. The iPad has true bluetooth connectivity which is great for connecting to keyboards. Although it will be strange at first when you start reaching for a mouse that isn’t there you will soon get used to it. There are many bluetooth keyboards out there including Apple’s own Wireless keyboard that is geared towards the Mac but still offers a great typing experience ideal those essential documents on the iPad.

There are many other solutions that are tailored towards the iPad including keyboard cases that really can make the iPad a true alternative to a laptop and much lighter too. They also have specific iPad keys although even the Apple keyboard allows you to control brightness. As they are part of the case they are always there.


Wacom makes the Bamboo stylus for the iPad. This great little stylus make it so much easier to draw using artistic apps such as Sketchbook Pro that in a way turn your iPad into a graphics tablet. Although sadly they don’t offer the flexibility of a pressure sensitive experience like with a real tablet. However it is a perfect portable digital art solution for creatives.

There are many other accessories that can further enhance your iPad experience. From high end headphones for the music enthusiast and of course speaker docks. For the game lover who wants a more authentic experience there is the fling joystick which attaches to the screen perfect for retro games such as Pac Man. Another accessory of sorts is an AirPrint enabled printer which allows you to print directly from your iPad.


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