5 Best Features Of iOS 6

Date: November 10, 2012 | Category: How-To

iOS 6 is the long awaited update to the iOS software that powers iPhones and iPads. Its latest refresh has raised the bar once again. While there are many new and updated features in iOS6, here are five of the things we love the most about iOS 6.


Safari has finally been given iCloud support which means that your tabs can now be saved to your iCloud account. This allows you to have the same web session across multiple devices. Not an entirely new feature as Chrome has done this, but it is the first time from Safari. Safari will also be getting the option of offline web page viewing, which means you can download a webpage and read it offline, not just your RSS feeds.

Do Not Disturb

If you’re like us, you’re pretty popular and you have people texting you all odd hours of the night. Well maybe not, but the Do Not Disturb feature is a welcome one, one that will allow you to place your phone on silent which will send all calls to voice mail and text messages will come in silent as well. Best of all, you can set time intervals for the Do Not Disturb function, as well as make exceptions, e.g the mother-in-law. You can also allow a call to come in if it has called more than once.


Keeping up with coupons, loyalty cars, boarding passes and the likes can be hard. Passbook is looking to simplify that. Apple’s version of NFC, the Passbook native app will allow you to store coupons, boarding passes, tickets and other information from participating companies right on your iPhone. What is cool is that the feature will be built right into iOS 6 and already has some major backers.

Facebook Integration

Remember Twitter’s deep integration in iOS 5. Well facebook fans may rejoice as it is coming to Facebook as well. The integration allows you to post photos, status updates as well as check in from any of the participating apps. Just one more reason we will be filtering our Facebook news feeds once iOS 6 is released.


Not only has iOS 6 dumped Google Maps in favor of TomTom based maps, it will finally feature a native turn-by-turn navigation app. This of course will render most of the navigation apps in the app store obsolete. However, this is welcome news as until now, Google Navigation on Android has seen very little competition. With this Apple will finally have a native navigation app of its own.


The specific release date for iOS 6 is not known yet, but we know it will be released before the holiday season rolls around as Apple is looking to capitalize on the holiday shopping spirit to boost its sales. Unfortunately, not all the features listed in iOS 6 will be available for the iPhone 4 and earlier. Thankfully, iPhone 4S users will have everything mentioned above. Of course iPhone 5 users will get full iOS6 functionality.


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