7 Top Apple iOS 7 Features

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With a new version of iOS on the horizon, your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad will soon have many new features and enhancements. Apple has long touted iOS as the world’s most advanced mobile operating system, and they have continued to make advances and innovations to support that claim.

Here are seven of the top features you can look forward to in the 7th major release of iOS coming this fall.

1. Siri Finds a New Voice

Apple continues to improve the Siri with an all new male voice and an updated female voice. Both voices sound more natural, and your voice controlled personal assistant will load requests much faster than previous versions.

2. Standalone FaceTime App

It used to be part of the general phone app in iOS, but now FaceTime is its own separate app, accessible from your home page.

3. Automatic Push Updates

App updates are now fully automated and carried out in the background. So you no longer have the little red numbers above the app store icon reminding you about updates. However, for anyone who wants more control over app updates, this can be switched off to just manual updating.

4. Record Voice Memos

This new built-in feature lets you quickly and easily record your ideas or any sound and play them back. This is a great handy feature, and eliminates the need for a third party app.

5. Messaging In Style

The messaging app has been overhauled with a new and improved look. Contact photos are included in group conversation threads, enhanced send animations, swiping to revealed time stamps for messages and many more changes.

6. HDR Coming to iPad Camera

High dynamic range (HDR) is a camera option that allows you to capture 3 images of a subject in standard, under-exposed and over-exposed modes. These separate images are then combined into one final photo. This is a camera feature that was already part of the iPhone since iOS 4.1, but now iPad users can benefit from the power of HDR.

7. Simplified Google Contacts Sync

If you use any of the various Google services such a Gmail or Google+, you likely have a bunch of contacts on those platforms. In iOS 7 you can easily sync your Google contacts in the same way as the standard Mail and Calendar sync option.

What’s your favorite feature in iOS 7? What are the biggest changes from iOS6? Any missing features you wish were included? Let us know in the comments.


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