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Date: November 30, -0001 | Category: Apps

One of the neat things about a tablet device like the iPad is the ability to interact with media like never before. The app I’ll be discussing today is Skitch for the iPad, an app created by the folks from Evernote, that allows you to annotate your images with ease.

There are multiple reasons why you would want to draw on your pictures. If you’re just being goofy you can add a mustache to someone or scribble someone out of a picture. You can also start with a blank canvas and draw to your hearts content. If this sounds like a silly app, think again. There are professional reasons why you would want to sketch on a picture too.

Pictures speak a thousand words as they say and sometimes it can be difficult to explain what your vision is without drawing a rough sketch of the design. Using a blank canvas and the available tools (pencil, arrows, text or shapes) you can create your concept and share it with others.

Skitch is neat because you can collaborate with others on your projects. Just save your design and email it to a colleague. They can then further edit your image and send it back to you with their suggestions.

You can also use Skitch for iPad to help others. You can select the Maps option and draw right on the map in order to send someone precise directions. You can also create a step by step tutorial by annotating a series of pictures with arrows and descriptions.

The large screen of the iPad makes it possible for professionals to use this absolutely free app for their projects. Skitch is ideal for designers. Graphic designers can take a screenshot of a webpage and sketch out a site redesign. Landscapers can take a picture of your yard and draw their ideas for a new look.

Here is how I’ve personally used Skitch recently. Using the Google Earth app on the iPhone, I zoomed in over the top of my house and took a screenshot. I then opened this image in Skitch and drew up a concept of a backyard design. I used a blue oval to draw the pool, green rectangles to draw the grass and the gray pen to fill in the cement areas. Within minutes I had a concept I can easily show to others.

Here’s a link to the Skitch app on iTunes.


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