Dropbox For The iPad Overview

Date: November 30, -0001 | Category: Apps

Dropbox is a cloud storage program that lets you take your pictures, documents and music to any of your other computers. Add a song on your laptop and it shows up on your desktop. Add a paragraph to your research paper with your iPad and the update appears on your iPhone.

Essentially, the point of Dropbox is to allow you to view and edit your files on any device. Dropbox can eliminate the need to email yourself files so you can update them on another computer and then email back the updated copy. Dropbox also eliminates the need to carry around your files on a USB drive from location to location.

Dropbox also serves as your backup solution. Your important files are backup up on Dropbox servers in the cloud. So if you should ever suffer hardware failure or the loss of your computer (or iPad) then the files you’ve backed up are still waiting for you at Dropbox.

While there are many cloud storage solutions out there, I love Dropbox because it runs in the background on my Dell with Windows 7 and my iMac with OSX Lion. When I update, add or remove a file, the changes are immediately uploaded to Dropbox. With other cloud storage solutions you need to log in and actually upload the files yourself which is a huge hassle.

With the Dropbox for iPad app you can now have your files with you on the iPad. You can view your pictures stored in the cloud, read your PDF documents and even play music you have saved in the cloud – even if it’s not on your iPad.

Adding files from your iPad to Dropbox is also simple. You can upload your pictures and videos taken with your iPad to Dropbox which will then make them available on all of your other devices.

Another neat thing about the Dropbox for iPad app is the passcode lock system. iPads are sometimes shared, but you wouldn’t want someone to have access to your Dropbox files though. So the app allows you to create a 4 digit passcode in order to gain access to your Dropbox contents.

The final great thing about Dropbox is that it’s completely free.  Not just the iPad app, but the entire service. Users who need more than the 2GB of free space offered will have to ante up $9.99 monthly for 50 gigs or $19.99 per month for 100 gigs. If you don’t yet have a free Dropbox account you can get one here.


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