HP Touchpad Madness: iPad Impact

Date: November 30, -0001 | Category: Interesting

Recently HP drastically lowered the price of their 16GB and 32GB HP Touchpads. This was due to the fact that HP is getting out of the tablet game. They are not getting rid of their operating system, webOS, though. They will be licensing it out to other companies who want to put it on their devices.

Hewlett Packard dropped the price of its 16 GB tablet from $499.99 down to $99.99 after apparently dismal sales. It’s not surprising that their tablet was not a big hit. While the hardware and software of the device was great, there was a lack of app support on the webOS platform. You can’t justify spending 500 bucks on a tablet that does not have the same quantity of apps as Apple’s App store or Google’s Android market.

By reducing the price HP was able to liquidate itself out of tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of tablets. This has flooded the market. Now, it seems like everyone has a tablet. What does this mean for the iPad? It means come this holiday season people will be giving each other Touchpads, instead of iPads.

Expect sales of the iPad 2 to not meet previous expectations. While this seems like bad news, it’s not all that bad. HP Is now out of the tablet game, eliminating an Apple opponent. This leaves the Samsung and HTC apps as the only iPad competitors left. So while Apple’s iPad 2 will suffer in sales, the iPad 3 coming in 2012 will certainly fare much better.


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