The Digital Age And The Law

Date: January 23, 2013 | Category: Other | by Edwin C


Technology has various practical benefits and uses. It has made the process of sharing information so much easier, but this is not without its own complications.

As technology moves into a digital standpoint, information and property are moving away from physical forms. This, in turn, means that there are different laws that often apply, and you should know how to protect yourself against any difficulties. This includes the likes of software, and various forms of online escrow.


If a certain type of software is unusable, then your entire business operation or plan can easily come to a halt. To fix and provide the best quality product, you need the source code. Yet this isn’t yours; you simply own a licence to the finished product.

Only when the user agreement is broken are you potentially entitled to this code, otherwise the provider has given you a working service that fits the license you paid for. If not, then the code escrow can determine what and when to distribute the relevant codes. If the software is deemed to no longer be a suitable service, in accordance with the agreement, then you have potential rights to the product as a whole (since the service has technically stopped).


The digital age is also an age of information, and this always needs to be closely guarded. In a world of online banks and shopping, you need to be careful about where your information goes. As a business, you also have a duty to secure any personal information that you may acquire.

Yet there are various times in businesses when data becomes a crucial part of a transaction or exchange. This is where the other side needs to uphold their part of any deal to receive such information. In these cases, online escrow can be used to transfer the data safely and securely.

Other Law

This is only a brief look into this subject, since the law itself is a vastly complex area overall. When dealing with digital property, you always have certain legal rights and choices. Even if you’re risking legal action, you can use the likes of litigation escrow to protect your valuable property, be it physical or digital, until the time is right to hand it over.


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