The iPad 2: Evaluating Apple’s Updated Tablet

Date: November 30, -0001 | Category: Interesting

The iPad 2 came out a few months ago to great acclaim. People rushed to get the shiny new iteration of Apple’s latest device and it has generally received excellent reviews. Here’s a look at the Apple iPad 2, and some of the key differences between it and the original version.

One of the key selling points of the iPad 2 is its lighter body – it is 33 per cent thinner and up to 15 per cent lighter making it noticeably smaller than the original. The second you pick up the new device you notice this, and it just feels more responsive, portable and fun to use. Added performance is always a good thing, but the iPad has always been an experience – by taking away some bulk Apple has made it much more pleasant to use.

The processer speed has also taken a significant step forward with a dual-core A5 chip (compared to just one core in the iPad 1). If you use the two devices next to each other the difference is quite noticeable – everything loads faster, and games even feel a bit more responsive. The loading time of apps is improved making it easier to move seamlessly from one task to another.

The iPad 2 has also come out with a front and rear facing camera. It is quite puzzling why the original version did not have this technology, yet it has thankfully been added this time around. This makes a big difference for people who use Skype to communicate as FaceTime works nicely in tablet form.

There are a few things that have not changed from the old iPad. Impressively, the battery life has continued to be strong with an advertised life of 10 hours. The operating system remains the same, though this is due for a refresh in a few months with the release of iOS 5. The cost has also stayed the same which is a godsend (though not for people who recently bought an iPad 1); it is nice to see Apple continuing the trend of pegging new devices at the same level as their predecessors.

So should you get an iPad 2 if you have an iPad 1? The answer can only be maybe. It is definitely a fun new model, yet there are few truly revolutionary changes and unless you are a diehard fan you might as well wait for the 3.


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