Top Reasons Not To Get An iPad

Date: February 27, 2013 | Category: Interesting


It seemed that the global technology press’ collective jaw dropped when video footage of Steve Jobs showing the iPad’s features made the rounds online. While it’s easy to understand Apple fanboys and cultists oohing and ahhing at anything Steve Jobs did onstage at any of his presentations (I wonder if they’d ooh and ahh if Jobs walked on stage with a rock or stick he found in Cupertino), its another when the jaded tech media drops its collective guard and puts its hands together to applaud the iPad. And there is a lot to applaud.

The iPad really brought mobile computing to the next level. What is its secret? No, it’s not the sleek eye candy design or the Apple logo that seems to radiate hypnotic waves among a certain segment of consumers The secret sauce for the iPad is the concept of apps. Using small portions of software on the tablet, the iPad’s mobile computing strategy effectively split computing power between a cloud-based server and a thin software client installed locally. You get the access and mobility of local apps and heavy firepower of cloud-based process crunching. Stroke of genius. Seriously.

Fast-forward to now and it looks like not much has changed on the iPad front. There hasn’t been much improvement or radical upgrades to the standard app mobile computing architecture. What’s worse, Apple insists on a new release every two years or so. But what do consumers get? Why, they get better graphics and SIRI, of course. Wow. Really? I suspect these ‘updates’ every two years are just Apple’s way of milking its consumer base. The Chinese are smart. They aren’t falling for the iPhone 5 like Westerners do. No wonder they invented paper, paper money, and a whole host of products. They are harder to bamboozle with cult marketing.

Here are a couple of reasons why you should not get an iPad.

Its’ high price doesn’t justify frequent updates

Apple’s huge profit margins on its devices are no secret. Given the huge chunk of recession era cash they demand for their device compared to their Android competitors, I (and I suspect many other consumers with more than one brain cell) would ask for compelling features or reasons to upgrade. But no-the only reason we’re given is ‘But dude, it’s a brand new Apple product.’ I’m sorry but plunking down serious cash for essentially reskinned hardware every other year, to me, doesn’t make sense.

Gets Obsolete Quickly

To add insult to injury, not only did you pay over a hundred dollars more for a pricey piece of glass, plastic, and metal, that contraption you giddily brought home from your nearby Apple store, is quickly obsolete. How? The iOS doesn’t update nearly fast enough to keep up with technology changes in the mobile space. Sure, Apple does its best in getting crucial updates out, but its nowhere fast enough. Android machines update better on both the hardware and software fronts.


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  1. ipad decals says:

    Yes an update every 2 years in quite ridiculous what ever happened to the days when you could keep a computer for at least throughout a university degree. I do enjoy playing on the ipad although in a few years no doubt another product will catch my eye.

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