What Kind Of Games Can I Play On The iPad?

Date: August 3, 2011 | Category: Other | by Edwin C

If you look in Apple’s app store for the iPad you will see that there is a massive range of games available for every type of player and every type of budget. From the freebies to the fairly expensive, there is a huge amount of quality just in the first few pages in the games category. Whereas a few years ago any games that were free would have also most likely have been terrible, the games that you can get for free now are sometimes of a much higher quality and more fun overall than the more expensive games.

The style that you are after is, in large part, going to affect which games interest you. There are a lot of games that are based around the same style; the platformer, the RPG, the card game and so on. Then there are the breakout classics that take an old concept and give it a new twist, like Angry Birds or Bejewelled. There are sports apps where you can play everything from football, soccer, baseball and basketball. These types of games usually cost a pretty penny. If you fancy racing games, there’s quite a few free ones out there but none that is really good. For the really good racing games you’ll need to open up your wallet and pay about ten bucks.

While it may seem expensive to pay ten dollars to play a game on your iPad when there’s hundreds of free games available, it really isn’t that expensive at all. You see, an xbox or Playstation game will set you back fifty bucks typically. Then when there’s a new version you have to go out and buy the game all over again. With games on the iPad, even the costly $10 games, you buy it once and get free upgrades.

There are hundreds to choose from, some of which are free to play, and some of which offer an online component allowing you to play for real money against real people all over the world. The apps themselves usually require a registration of some sort on a separate internet site, but they usually take only a couple of minutes to set up.

The app store is full of games but some iPad owners want more. There’s a plethora of online games available online too. The problem with that is that these online games are almost always created using flash. Since Apple’s iPad doesn’t play flash then online gamers are out of luck. Still though, the app store is full of enough games to satisfy even the pickiest of gamers.


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